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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/ADRA

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These honors were developed by ADRA, which is the Adventist Development and Relief Agency.

The official requirements for the ADRA series of honors can be found at the General Conference's Youth Ministries website.

Index of ADRA Honors (9)

AY Answer Book Development Stages
Some Answers
25% Answered
50% Answered
75% Answered
Comprehensive Answers

100% developed  as of 18 Jan, 2007 Community Assessment
100% developed  as of 22 Aug, 2009 Community Development
100% developed  as of 25 Aug, 2006 Community Service

100% developed  as of 19 Mar, 2010 Conflict Resolution
100% developed  as of 6 Sep, 2008 Disaster Response
100% developed  as of 4 Dec, 2009 Disaster Response - Advanced

100% developed  as of 11 Jun, 2008 Hunger Relief
100% developed  as of 18 Aug, 2009 Literacy
100% developed  as of 2 May, 2007 Refugee Resettlement

In 2009, the ADRA honors were re-written to make them more accessible to Pathfinders. Here is a summary of some of the changes.

Index of ADRA Honors by Skill Level

ADRA Skill Level 1 Skill Level 2 Skill Level 3