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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Arts and Crafts/Braiding - Advanced

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Braiding - Advanced
General Conference

Arts and Crafts

Skill Level 2
Year of Introduction: 1976

1. Have the Braiding Honor.

This Wiki has a page with instructions and tips for earning the Braiding honor.

2. Make a six- or eight-strand zipper pull or key chain.

Start with a keyring to anchor your strands to. Here are some resources explaining eight strand braiding:

3. Make a six- or eight-strand zipper pull or key chain showing zigzag technique by reversing direction of braid, or make a project showing the three-part inside or trick braid.

There are a wide variety of interesting braids out there:

4. Do one of the following:

a. Six-strand lanyard

Good for holding a whistle, maybe snapped to your pack. Good resources:

b. Bookmark using at least six strands

A good project to practice flat braiding.

c. Four-strand dog leash using twine or wire for a core to braid around

5. Know how to start and end all projects.

How to start or end depends on the material being braided.


Rope, string, or lace
Lay the ropes (or strings or laces) parallel to one another with the ends even and tie an overhand knot in the entire bundle.
Tying the Overhand Knot
A simple Overhand Knot
Demi-noeud arret.png

Use: one of the most fundamental knots and forms the basis of many others including the simple noose, overhand loop, angler's loop, reef knot, fisherman's knot and water knot. The overhand knot is very secure, and can jam badly, so only use if you want a permanent knot. It is often used to prevent the end of a rope or string from unraveling.

Bind the hair you wish to braid using an elastic band near the head. Divide into the desired number of equal-diameter strands.
A wide leather strap can be cut into strips, but left intact near one end.


Rope, string, or lace
Tie the bundle into an overhand knot.
Bind the braid with a rubber band or a decorative hair elastic.
Glue the strands in place, rivet them to another piece, or firmly sandwich them between two other pieces of leather.