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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Arts and Crafts/Ceramics (General Conference)/Requirements

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Ceramics (General Conference)

Authority: General Conference
Category: Arts and Crafts
Skill Level: 2
Year Introduced: 1956


1. Tell briefly the history of early ceramics.

2. Know what is meant by the following terms:

a. Greenware

b. Bisque

c. Decal

d. Kiln

e. Glaze

f. Slip

g. Mender

3. Explain the use of cones in kilns.

4. Know how and when to use underglaze and glaze.

5. Know what tools are used in completing your projects in ceramics.

6. Complete one item using a crystal glaze.

7. Complete two of the following using underglaze on at least one item:

a. Cookie jar

b. Pie plate

c. Vase

d. Flower planter

e. Candy dish

f. Mug

g. Item of your choice