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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Arts and Crafts/Decoration

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South American Division

Arts and Crafts

Skill Level 2
Year of Introduction: 2012

Limited Availability



1. Discuss with your group the importance of decorating environments where special events are held. This custom is related to the value that is given to the guests to the program.

2. Make a list and explain the various ways to use decoration in the following items:

a. Five species of ornamental plants

b. Three different ways of exhibiting Club photographs

c. Five different types of handicrafts, which can be made by the Club

d. Five different collections

e. Banners and panels

f. Four different models of balloons

g. Fabrics, nonwoven fabric, felt, silicone, etc.

3. During the completion of this honor, observe at least five decorations in programs promoted by different departments of your church in your conference. Present to your instructor a report with your observations (if possible with photographs), analyzing the positives and negatives of each and how they could be improved.

4. Have a sketchbook with drawings of decorations. For each design, make a list of all the necessary materials, budget, estimated time, etc. The sketchbook must have at least seven of the following decorations: In your church

a. Regular, nighttime program led by the Pathfinders

b. Investiture program

c. Baptism of Pathfinders

d. Patriotic (Independence Day, Flag Day, etc.)

e. Pathfinder Day

5. In the Club meeting place (school, gymnasium, etc. )

a. Opening program of the activities for the year

b. Special Investiture program

c. Parent reception program

d. Pre-camping program

e. A program/event of your choice, approved by your instructor

6. Make at least four of the decorations in the sketchbook, requested in the previous requirement. Present photographs of these decorations to the instructor. Report the possible differences between the design project and the actual decoration, together with your motives.