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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Arts and Crafts/Sculpturing

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General Conference

Arts and Crafts

Skill Level 2
Year of Introduction: 1945

1. List the tools and materials used in simple sculpturing.

You will need something to sculpt with: clay, playdoh, or sculpting medium clay. You will also need some tools: pick, knifes, and depending on the material, things like sanding paper etc. To finish the sculpture you might want to seal or paint it. You should plan to clean up after your sculpturing: rag, broom and dustpan etc.

This fun video shows 10 top tools and what they are used for:

2. Model two or more examples of toy animals, using a sculpture medium.

You can use clay, playdoh, or sculpting medium clay.

Here's a great video demonstration:

3. Make a model of the human hand or foot, using a sculpture medium.

The easiest type is a thumb in a good job thumbs up position. A foot is not too tough either. Both can be modeled lifesize or otherwise. Why not do a baby foot?

Here's a great explanation from a teacher who teaches sculpting:

4. From a living model, make a statue "in the round" of the human head, using a sculpturing medium (not necessarily life size).

Use a easy clay material to get the general shape up and use tools to do facial details and hair. A great video that shows how an expert sculpts a head is here: