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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Nature/Dunes - Advanced

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Dunes - Advanced
General Conference


Skill Level 3
Year of Introduction: 2013

1. Earn the Dunes Honor

This Wiki has a page with instructions and tips for earning the Dunes honor.

2. Arrange or participate in a service project benefiting the dunes community (clean up, trail making, helping others learn about this specific habitat). Write a report about the following things (including maps, photographs or drawings may help):
a. What dune did you visit?
b. When did you visit?
c. What did you do there?
d. New information you have learned about this type of habitat beyond what was learned in the basic honor.
e. Information about the specific dune you visited.
f. Describe the service project you did (be specific).
g. What did you learn about yourself while doing the service project?
h. What did you learn about this habitat while doing this service project?

Finding Dunes

Before you can write about your project, you will need to find one in your area. Try an Internet search for "dune community" and your state or province (and perhaps county). This should help you find an area where there are dunes.

The Project

The next step is to read the web pages that are returned from your search to learn who manages the area. Once you know that, you can make contact with the managing agency (often a state agency) and ask about volunteer opportunities.

If there are no volunteer opportunities, visit the site yourself (assuming it is on public land, or that you get permission from the owner). Learn as much as you can about the area. Then invite your church or a group of friends on an outing and give them a tour, being sure to point out various features and sharing what you have learned.

The Write-up

Writing about your experience could be as simple as composing an email to your instructor, or you could write a blog post about your experience. Here are some other ideas:

  • Create a slide show and show it to your church (perhaps as a children's story)
  • Create a scrapbook about the dune as you earn the Scrapbooking honor.
  • Create a video about your project and upload it to a video sharing site (get permission from your parents first).