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Pathfinder Evangelism Award
General Conference


Year of Introduction: Unknown

Note: While all Pathfinders are encouraged to earn this award, it is a requirement for Master Guide candidates.

These are the requirements for the Pathfinder Evangelism Award:

1. Be a Pathfinder or Staff Member.

This is not only because the award is for Pathfinders but because Requirement 4 specifies you need to be in uniform, and non-Pathfinders should never wear the Pathfinder uniform.

2. Attend at least ten meetings. (Evangelistic meetings, Daniel or Revelation Seminars. If less than 10 are conducted, attend at least two-thirds of them.)

Consistency is important - how can you be a reliable helper if you are not at the meetings.

3. Participate at each of the meetings attended.

No awards for spectators.

4. Wear your Pathfinder full-dress uniform (including scarf & sash) while participating.

Remember you represent the club and that your behavior and uniform may encourage others to join and support Pathfinders.

5. Participate in at least four of the following:

a. Be an usher.
b. Pick up the offering.
c. Assist in the children's meetings.
d. Have scripture or prayer.
e. Assist in the set-up/take-down of the meeting hall.
f. Hand out the evening programs, brochures, etc.
g. Give a testimony of what Jesus has done recently for you.
h. Be a greeter.
i. Help operate a Pathfinder booth showing what the church has for its young people.
j. Invite a guest (non-SDA) to attend the meetings and host him throughout the evenings.
k. Prepare a baked-goods table (breads, etc.) to share as gifts or samples for the attendees.
l. Contact at least ten (10) individuals by phone or in person inviting them to attend the meetings.
m. Participate in at least two Bible studies with at least one "interest."
For your choice of the above, a thorough preparation is needed. Where applicable, outlines or memorized material should be used. A reading of the presentation is not permitted.

This is part of the official requirements. Like the Boy Scouts, a good Pathfinder is always prepared.


  • The Pathfinder Evangelism Award is one of the options for the practical part of the Bible Evangelism Honor. Why not carry on and complete that Honor as well?
  • The award patch should be available through Advent Source and some local conferences.
  • For younger kids, and Adventurer Staff there is also an Adventurer Evangelism Award. It may be acceptable for an Adventurer staff to complete it instead to meet Master Guide requirements. The requirements are essentially the same.