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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Outreach/African American Adventist Heritage in the NAD - Advanced

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African American Adventist Heritage in the NAD - Advanced
North American Division


Skill Level 2
Year of Introduction: 2010

The purpose of this honor is to illustrate how God has led within the Adventist church to share His message through the events, places, and contributions of the people of a specific cultural group.

This explanation provides context to the Honor and forms part of the official requirements.

1. Have the African American Adventist Heritage in NAD honor.

This Wiki has a page with instructions and tips for earning the African American Adventist Heritage in the NAD honor.

2.Prepare presentations based on your research in two of the following:

a. Trace the journey of the Morning Star from the beginning launch in Allegan, Michigan in 1894 until it was beached in the 1900’s. Include a time line.

This article gives a few details: but is not a complete timeline. Search out the information.

This book may be useful:

Mission to Black America; the true story of Edson White and the riverboat Morning Star, Author: Ronald D Graybill Publisher: Mountain View, Calif., Pacific Press Pub. Association [1971]

b. The history of the forming of one of the Regional Conferences and the location of its present administrative offices and its executive administrators. Include photos, dates, and bulletins where available.

There are nine regional conferences in the North American Division[1]. The website of each conference will help you gather some of the required information as will the listing for the conference at You might also search for history at The Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia (any Adventist Church or School library will have this book, part of the SDA Commentary set) will have useful entries for each conference and some of the individuals in the next requirement.

Allegheny East

Allegheny West

Central States

Lake Region


South Atlantic

South Central


Southwest Region

c. One of the following leaders and their contributions to the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

E. E. Cleveland

W. H. Green

Delbert Baker

Calvin B. Rock

Calvin E. Moseley

Hyveth Williams

Daniel Davis

Resources for your presentation include:

  • Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia
  • Published biographies of some of these individuals (check your Adventist library for older books or the ABC for more current books)
  • Articles in Adventist Magazines
  • Internet searches - try adding "Adventist" to the name when searching to filter out similarly named people from the results.

Your presentation may be in the form of any of the following, citing all sources used:
a. Electronic presentation
b. Bulletin Board/Presentation Board display
c. Verbal presentation
d. Written Report (minimum of one-page)

While at first glance this Honor looks like it requires a lot of work, in fact it simply offers a lot of choice in how you complete it.

We interpret this Honor to require two research projects out of three categories. You might choose a regional conference and a prominent person or a person plus the Morning Star. Or perhaps the Morning Star plus a regional conference history. We do not believe two persons or two conference histories would meet the requirement.

While not explicitly stated, we believe that two different presentations (ie two papers or two verbal reports or some combination) are required. However you might give both presentations back to back.

Since the point of the requirements is to get YOU to research and put the results in your own presentation, we will not provide complete presentations here. Instead we point you to sources that will be helpful to complete your presentations. We have provided some resources already, and we encourage you to add the resources you find useful to this wiki to help others who are working on this requirement.

If you choose to do a verbal presentation, why not put it in story form and include it in your efforts to earn the Christian Storytelling Honor?


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