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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Outreach/Missionary Life

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Missionary Life
North American Division


Skill Level 1
Year of Introduction: 2016



1. Discover the following individually or as a group:

a. Common definitions of a biblical and modern-day missionary.

b. Discuss Christ as our example of a missionary.

c. Name five biblical missionaries and discuss the contributions they have made.

d. Assess what each biblical missionary, listed above, contributed to their mission.

2. Discuss the following texts as they relate to missionary work:

a. Matthew 28:19

b. Acts 18:22-23

c. Acts 1:8

d. Isaiah 42:10-12

e. Matthew 4:17

f. Jeremiah 1:7-9

g. Jonah 1:3-4

3. List and evaluate how missionaries have impacted the spreading of the gospel and whether their stories and methods are relevant today.

4. Create a list or construct a Venn diagram (compare & contrast) of qualifications for an individual to become a missionary in Bible times versus today.

5. Discuss with a group the following personality characteristics and their importance to being a positive and influential missionary today:

* Willing to learn

* Spiritually minded

* Mature

* Humble

* Available

6. Discuss with a group the following types of missionaries and why each is important to the spreading of the gospel.

a. Medical Missionary

b. Evangelist

c. Educator

d. Language Teacher

7. Discuss with a group some of the possible challenges associated with missionary work today.

8. Interview someone who is either an active missionary or who has retired from mission service.

9. Learn about eight missionaries (to at least four continents) who served during the Seventh-day Adventist mission expansion (1900-1950). On a world map, plot their country of service.

10. Create a presentation, game, or speech that shows what you have learned about missionary life while earning this honor. Share your presentation with a group.

11. Earn the Foreign Mission Trips honor OR do both of the following individually or as a group:

a. Read a book about an Adventist missionary.

b. Plan or assist with a mission project or collection that would assist an active missionary in their work.