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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Purchase

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Guide to Purchasing Pathfinder and AY Honor Patches and Insignia

Working on Pathfinder and AY honors, awards and class work is a lot of fun, and so is getting the insignia.

Pathfinder Honors are approved at varying levels of the Adventist Church's organizational structure, from the local conferences up to the divisions, and then, in many cases, the General Conference. Honors that are approved at the General Conference level are generally available to all Pathfinder clubs in the world (though ordering the insignia may require credentials in order to protect the integrity of the tokens).

Honors approved in your division should be available to you through your Pathfinder organization. It may be possible to obtain honor insignia for honors approved in other divisions, either through your division or through the division that has introduced the honor. Honors approved at the local conference level are generally available only from that conference.

Here are some places where you might be able to order honor insignia:

General Conference

The Outfitters store is the General Conference supply store. You will need special log-in access to be able to purchase from the GC.

North American Division

Historically local conferences stocked the GC and NAD approved insignia, but many NAD conferences have now yielded the job of supplying Pathfinder and AY clubs to AdventSource.


AdventSource generally stocks:

  • Pathfinder Uniforms
  • All Investiture Insignia
  • All General Conference approved honor patches
  • All North American Division approved honor patches

All other honors and awards will need to be acquired from within the sponsoring region. This includes what this Wiki Answer Book classifies as Regional Honors and some Division sponsored honors. Look at the honor header to see the sponsoring organization.

Florida Conference

The Florida Pathfinder Store will only supply GC/NAD insignia to Florida Conference members. They will supply Florida Conference material to anyone.

South New England Conference

The SNEC Youth Store will supply some honors that are specific to their conference.

Arkansas-Louisiana Conference

It might be possible to contact someone from the ARKLA Youth Store and order or purchase some of their conference-specific honors.

Outside the North American Division

Most General Conference (GC) and some North American Division (NAD) level insignia will be available from your local conference or mission office. If not, you will have to attempt to order from the sponsoring division. There is NO guarantee that you will be able to order outside of your home conference; none of these other stores are obliged to sell anything to those who are not members of their own region.

British Union

The British Union supply store includes club material for the conferences within their union. They also sell region-specific honors.

South American Division

Some Brazilian stores that sell patches from GC, NAD and SAD are Bazar dos Desbravadores and Uniformes Desbravadores.

The Chilean Union offers patches from GC and the NAD and other materials to its residents at AdvenMedios.

South Pacific Division

An Honour Order Form can be found on the Sydney Adventist Youth website.

The South New Zealand Conference Youth Department provides Pathfinder supplies to their conference.