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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Recreation/Casterboarding

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South American Division


Skill Level 1
Year of Introduction: 2012

Limited Availability

1. What is the difference between skateboarding and casterboarding?

2. Explain why casterboarding is considered as the union of three radical sports. What are those sports?

3. Explain the following safety equipment:

a. Helmet

b. Knee pads

c. Shin guards

d. Wrist bands

4. Disassemble and reassemble your caster board correctly, identifying and naming each part.

5. List the types of wheels that exist, explaining the difference between them and where their use is most appropriate.

6. Do at least 15 of the following maneuvers (five of which must be on a ramp):

a. Ollie

b. Wheelie for 10 meters

c. Nose wheelie

d. C-turn

e. 180°

f. 180° body varial

g. 360° spin

h. Grab raíl

i. Leap board

j. Downhill turn

k. Kickflip

l. Double impossible

m. No comply kickflip

n. Kickflip fakie

o. Kickflip switch

p. Fakie bigspin

q. Nollie kickflip

r. Nollie heelflip

s. Nollie frontside 180° bigspin

t. Varial kickflip

u. Heelflip varial

v. Backside kickflip 180°

w. Frontside heelflip 180°

x. Frontside kickflip 180°

y. 360° and kickflip

z. Double frontside