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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Recreation/Drilling & Marching - Advanced/Requirements

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Drilling & Marching - Advanced

Authority: General Conference
Category: Recreation
Skill Level: 2
Year Introduced: 1976
Drilling and Marching Advanced.png


1. Have the Drilling and Marching Honor.

2. With a unit guidon, demonstrate the following basic positions:

a. Order Guidon

b. Carry Guidon

c. Salute at Order

d. Salute at Carry

e. Present Guidon

f. Raise Guidon

3. Demonstrate how and when to use the guidon's basic position during all drill commands.

4. Be a member of an active drill team that has performed at least twice in the past year in a special community, conference, or public activity.

5. Demonstrate ability to keep in step with the drill team and move as a part of it at all times.

6. As a member of a drill team, do four fancy (precision) drill routines, at least one of which includes combination commands.

7. Command a drill team of at least four people, putting the team through basic maneuvers, starting directional commands on the proper foot, and distinguishing between preparatory commands and commands of execution.

8. Command an entire Pathfinder Club in at least ten basic drill movements, including Open Ranks.

9. With a unit (or a selected flag guard), formally raise and lower the national flag at a summer camp ceremony, a special Pathfinder meeting, Pathfinder Day program, camporee, or some similar program or ceremony. Also demonstrate posting the national and Pathfinder flag.