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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Recreation/Hiking - Advanced/Requirements

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Hiking - Advanced

Authority: South Pacific Division
Category: Recreation
Skill Level: 3
Year Introduced: 2010
Hiking 2.png


1. Have the Hiking 1 Honour.

2. Complete at least two of the following. Note: In situations where there are Pathfinders etc available to do the Hiking 1 Honour, it is expected that options ‘a’ and ‘b’ will be fulfilled. Options ‘c’ or ‘d’ can only be done if it is impractical to do option ‘a’ or option ‘b’.

a. Participate in the training of others in the Hiking 1 Honour

b. Assist in organising and accompany a person (or persons) in fulfilling at least two of the hikes listed in Requirement 11 of the Hiking 1 Honour.

c. Develop a set of comprehensive notes which may be used for training others in the Hiking 1 Honour.

d. Make a presentation on the skills you have gained in earning the Hiking 1 Honour. Include at least three memorable events.

3. Make two brief presentations on ‘hiking’ events in scripture.

4. Have the following hiking record, which includes a fully detailed log. At least one hike must be done in untracked conditions:

a. Two (2) hikes: duration three (3) days and two (2) nights

b. One (1) hike: duration five (5) days and four (4) nights