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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Recreation/Rustic Construction - Advanced/Requirements

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Rustic Construction - Advanced

Authority: South American Division
Category: Recreation
Skill Level: 3
Year Introduced: 2012
Rustic Construction AY Honor - Advanced.png


1. Be at least 14 years old.

2. Have the following honors:

a. Rustic Construction

b. Knot Tying - Advanced

3. Do some Biblical research and identify when the people of Israel had to make a construct something, what it represented, and what they should remember when doing it.

4. What is the importance of keeping work tools sharp?

5. Demonstrate your knowledge of safety rules in using of tools.

6. What are the best knots to start and finish a lashing? Why?

7. What is the importance of making grooves in the poles before lashing?

8. Demonstrate the ability to make the following lashings, starting each with the clove hitch and end with the clove hitch or a square knot.

a. Square

b. Diagonal

c. Round

d. Double continuous

9. What is the importance of making blueprints (drawing with measurements) for rustic construction?

10. Make a blueprint (drawing with measurements) for each structure that is requested in the honor.

11. Use ties and rods to make a miniature scale of four blueprints.

12. Construct the following:

a. An entrance with at least eight bases and 20 lashings

b. An entrance without digging into the ground

c. A camping table with at least four bases and eight lashings

d. A bridge with at least four bases and 3 m long

e. A tower at least 4 m high and with ten lashings

f. A suspended shelter, at least 1 m off the ground

g. A camping furniture (multipurpose table, dishwasher, snack table)