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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Vocational/Document Restoration and Preservation

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Document Restoration and Preservation
South American Division


Skill Level 1
Year of Introduction: 2012

Limited Availability



NOTE: A qualified instructor is needed, such as a librarian, museum curator, bookbinder or professional restorer.

1. Define:

a. Preservation

b. Conservation

c. Restoration

Interview a person responsible for the area of conservation and restoration in a library and tell, in no less than 100 words, what he or she highlighted about the job of restoring and conserving.

2. Define:

a. Cultural heritage

b. Tangible assets

c. Intangible assets

d. Personal property

e. Real estate

3. Define the following terms:

a. Donation

b. Heritage

4. Know, at least, a school of restoration of books and documents.

5. What are the basic criteria to consider a document or book as rare and valuable?

6. Briefly describe the care in the restoration of books and documents, taking into consideration the following items:

a. Sanitation

b. Accommodation

c. Personal safety equipment

d. Restoration equipment

e. Different types of materials from documents or books

f. Climate control

g. Ultraviolet rays

7. What are "binded" books and how should they be treated?

8. How should old diaries or maps be preserved?

9. What is chamber filtration?

10. What is boric acid and how is it used?

11. How do you treat a book that is wet or has been?

12. What is lyophilization?

13. What is a hygrothermograph?

14. What do you do with the documents and pages folded and dried?

15. Why is cardboard more appropriate for the conservation of books than plastic?

16. With the help of parents or guardians, look for a document more than 50 years old and restore it, if necessary, and store it appropriately (ex. certificates, journal pages, culinary recipes, letters, magazines, etc.).

17. Go to a library and help the librarian in the restoration of an assigned document and supervised by him or her.