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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Vocational/Printer Handling and Maintenance

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Printer Handling and Maintenance
South American Division


Skill Level 2
Year of Introduction: 2012

Limited Availability



1. Mention who were the creators of the printer and photocopier, what were causes led to their invention, and how were they used in the beginning.

2. Explain the operation, the ink supply and the price of each type of printer detailed below:

a. Dot/impact/line matrix printer

b. Inkjet printer

c. Laser printer

d. Thermal printer

e. Solvent printer

f. Plotter printer

g. Thermal wax printer

h. Dye-sublimation printer

i. Solid ink printer

j. PVC card printer

3. What is the necessary care that we must take into account when handling a toner cartridge and a common ink cartridge?

4. Demonstrate how to replace an ink cartridge in an inkjet printer.

5. State 5 causes that prevent printing and explain how each of them is solved.

6. Describe the type of paper and printers suitable for the following types of printing:

a. Photograph

b. Common document

c. Transparency

7. Install and set up a computer printer, connect it online, and in wireless mode.

8. Choose a type of printer, disassemble it, clean it and reassemble it, explaining how this cleaning process is done.

9. Know how to superficially disassemble a printer for maintenance and cleaning.

10. Complete some kind of promotional project about awareness of the use and recycling of paper and printer cartridges.

11. Search and attach at least five photos of the oldest printers.

12. Work in a printer repair and maintenance workshop or witness the work done there for at least fifteen days.