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Companion/Serving Others

Requirement 1

In consultation with your leader, plan ways and find opportunities to spend at least two hours helping an elderly person.

Yard work, painting, assistance with shopping, reading to a shut in. It should not be hard to fulfill this requirement.

Requirement 2

Spend at least four hours participating in projects that benefit the church or school.

This can be accomplished by participating in one long project, or many shorter projects. If your church has a work bee, that is one way to meet this. But there are others. Your club could organize its own work bee or project. Here are some ideas:

Clean the church or school's carpets
Rent a steam vac from a local outlet (grocery stores often supply them).
Sweep the parking lot
If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, the lot will likely be treated with sand all through the winter, and will need to be swept clean in the spring. Be sure to load the sand into wheelbarrows and dump it someplace. If you just sweep it off the edge of the lot, the next several rains will wash it right back on. Sweeping it into the grass will not be good for the lawn (especially if the sand was mixed with salt).
Yard work
Pick up branches, rake leaves, pull grass out of the sidewalks, etc.
Wash the windows
Churches and schools usually have lots of windows, making it easy to divide the work up among everyone in the club.
Fund raisers
Any time your school sells things to raise money, you help the school by participating.
Clean the kitchen after potluck
Sometimes it's hard to get people to help in the kitchen after a potluck. If you are willing to pitch in, your presence will be very welcome in the kitchen.
Help with the Adventurers
Check with the Adventurer director to see if they need help. Pathfinders are capable of teaching Adventurer Awards. It's a good idea to have an adult mentor present to handle discipline and keep things on track.
Participate in a remodeling project
Plant a “giveaway” community garden

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Requirement 3

Complete Companion requirements.

You must complete the requirements listed above this one on the current page.

Requirement 4

Participate in an outreach activity, and bring a non-club member to participate with you.

It is often more comfortable for a young person to invite a friend or a relative to a Pathfinder activity than to an evangelism series. However, sometimes it is good to operate outside one's comfort zone. Find out what sorts of activities your church or club is having and encourage your Pathfinders to invite people to them. This could include any of the following:

  • Youth Rally
  • Pathfinder Sabbath
  • Induction Ceremony
  • Investiture Service
  • Pathfinder parade
  • Potluck lunch
  • Evangelism meetings
  • Sabbath School
  • Health Fair
  • Cooking classes
  • Healthy living classes
  • Church picnic

You can also invite them to help with an outreach activity such as:

  • Can collecting
  • Working in a soup kitchen
  • Cleaning a park or roadside
  • Disaster response
  • Christmas caroling
  • Yard work for the elderly