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Explorer/Serving Others

Requirement 1

Be familiar with the community services in your area and give assistance for at least four hours.

If you are not familiar with the community services provided in your area, talk to your church's Adventist Community Services (ACS) director. If your church does not have an active ACS director, try entering the name of your city and "human services" into an Internet search engine.

Once you are familiar with the services available, select a few that look interesting to you (or to your Pathfinders) and start making phone calls offering assistance. Follow through!

Requirement 2

Participate in at least two church programs for a total of four hours.

Your church or Pathfinder club will run some sort of community service program that qualifies, or set up some service activity yourself under church sponsorship and meet this requirement.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Adopt a Street (litter control)
  • Weekly shut-in visitation. Bring a church bulletin and a recording of the service.
  • Spring clean-up for an elderly person
  • Run a community health fair
  • Have a blood drive (contact your local Red Cross)

If you have another idea, add it here!

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Requirement 3

Complete Explorer requirements.

You must complete the requirements listed above this one on the current page.

Requirement 4

Make a personal visit to a sick person or shut-in and follow up with a phone call, letter, card, e-mail or text message

This requirement is pretty self explanitory. Ask your pastor or elders for names or arrange a nursing home visit.