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Proposed changes to Knot Tying. Some knots are more useful than others, so I am proposing that requirement 8 be divided into two. The first part consists of ten essential knots, none of which are optional. The second is a list of knots from which to choose ten others. I have added the Siberian hitch, the trucker's hitch, the cleat hitch, Canadian jam knot, and the marlinspike hitch to the second list, as these are incredibly useful knots to know (I use them all the time). I added the overhand to the essential list, as it is fundamental.

I've made an attempt to list the knots by by grouping similar knots together and then listing them within each group by ascending order of difficulty. (The list had been listed alphabetically). In some cases, knowing how to tie one of these (such as the overhand) is the first step in tying the next (such as the square).

8. Be able to tie the following essential knots from memory, know their common uses and limitations, and demonstrate how they are used.

  1. Overhand knot
  2. Square knot/reef knot
  3. Figure eight
  4. Slip knot
  5. Bowline
  6. Sheet bend
  7. Clove hitch
  8. Tautline hitch
  9. Two half-hitches
  10. Alpine butterfly

9. Select ten additional knots from the list below. Be able to tie them from memory, know their common uses and limitations, and demonstrate how they are used.

  1. Stevedore's knot
  2. Surgeon's knot
  3. Carrick bend
  4. Slipped half hitch
  5. Cat's paw
  6. Lark's head
  7. Marlinspike hitch
  8. Prusik knot
  9. Double bow
  10. Bowline on a bight
  11. Slipped sheet bend
  12. Double sheet bend
  13. Fisherman's bend
  14. Fisherman's loop
  15. Miller's knot
  16. Packer's knot
  17. Canadian jam knot
  18. Pipe hitch
  19. Timber hitch
  20. Siberian hitch
  21. Constrictor knot
  22. Strangle knot
  23. Sheepshank
  24. Trucker's hitch
  25. Cleat hitch
  26. Man harness knot
  27. Anchor bend
  28. Hunter's bend
  29. Halter hitch
  30. Lariat or Bowstring knot
  31. Crown knot