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This template is used to create the header and the answerbox of a requirement. The answerbox needs to be closed by using the CloseReq-Template.
For example like that:

{{Ansreq|num=1|page={{PAGENAME}}}}<nowiki />
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The <nowiki /> tag is needed so there is no unnecessary line break at the begining of the answer. For the Example the {{PAGENAME}} was replaced with a fixed name, but at an honor page the template will get the needed information out of the pagename.

If the page argument contains the word "Requirement" then the requirements are fetched directly from that page. If it doesn't, then we construct the requirements page by extracting the first two elements of the page (assumed to be "AY Honors/honor") and appending "/Requirements" to it. We need this to support variant requirements, as it allows us to specify

page=AY Honors/''honor''/Requirements_2

in the honor landing template.


Who are the Aborigines and where did they come from? How many tribes were there when European colonization commenced?

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