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This template captures an honor's metadata and formats its landing page.


Name of the honor as it should be displayed at the top of the banner.
Category to which the honor belongs.
Skill level of the honor (1, 2, or 3)
The year the honor was introduced
If an instructor is required, define this to any non-blank text. If the value specified is licensed, certified, skilled, or qualfied, the honor will be added to Category:Instructor Required/Licensed, Category:Instructor Required/Skilled, or Category:Instructor Required/Qualified. All honors that have this field set to anything (including the special values listed above) will be added to Category:Instructor Required.
The highest level organization in the church which has approved the honor.
Filename for the patch's image. If specified, the honor will be placed in Category:Has insignia image. If omitted or if set to No_patch.png, the honor will be placed in Category:No insignia image.
If the insignia is not carried by AdventSource, this variable will indicate where it can be obtained. If set, it will also superimpose a "Not available at AdventSource" warning across the insignia image. We are required to splash this warning by the NAD (our host).
If this honor has variants depending on where it is taught (because the answer key is different, or because the requirements are different), this argument should indicate which page is the primary version of the honor. Because the wiki is hosted by the NAD, any NAD variant will be considered primary. Otherwise, the primary version will be the highest authority level. If left blank, this variant of the honor will be considered the primary version. If set, this variant will be marked as secondary and it will not show up in the main indices. Do not add this parameter to the honor that is the primary variant - add it to the ones that are not primary.
This field can be set to "required" or "optional". If the honor cannot be earned without a field trip, set it to "required". If one of the requirements can be met by taking a field trip, set it to "optional". If no field trip is mentioned in the requirements, this parameter should be omitted.
This parameter should use the reqreq template to reproduce the requirement that is deemed most difficult. See the example for how to format it. If the requirement has subrequirements they can be added too, but should be indented. Try to pick just one requirement for this designation.
master1 and master2
If the honor is a component of a Master Award, the value assigned to master1 should indicate which award that is. If it's part of two Master Awards, master2 can be used to assign it to a second one. If the honor is part of a Master Award by virtue of being in a broad honor category (such as Arts, Crafts and Hobbies), this parameter should not be used to specify the Master Award since the {{{category}}} parameter will already have that information.
master_group1 and master_group2
Some Master Awards (such as Naturalist) are set up to require the Pathfinder to earn N honors from one List, and M from another (where N+M usually equals 7). If this honor belongs to one of those groups, add this parameter to identify the sub-group. This parameter will be ignored unless master1 (or master2) is filled in.


Figure out how to do the IA Connection. The Master Award had been done by invoking the Master_Award template which took three arguments: honor, master, and an optional group. I'm not stoked about how I'm managing that above, but I'm not convinced there's a better way. The IA_Connection template also takes multiple parameters, so if we can't think of a better way to do the Master_Award, we'll just have to repeat that approach for IA.

See_Also feature - I still need to look at how this was done on the old version.


|honorname=Aboriginal Lore
|category=Arts, Crafts and Hobbies
|authority=General Conference
|insignia=Aboriginal Lore AY Honor.png

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