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To add a tiny icon for a region (such as SAD tiny.png or PRU tiny.png) and have it correctly displayed in the honor index for a non-NAD honor, follow these steps:

  1. Upload the image with the naming convention "XXXX_tiny.png", where XXXX is the abbreviation of the region (ex. South American Division = SAD). The Division Honor template is used to pull the correct image.
  2. Make sure to include the abbreviation given in the image file name into the Division Abbreviation template.
  3. Make sure the name of the regional organization is included in the Authorities Localization page.
  4. When creating the Overview page for the honor, make sure to include the Insignia Source parameter in the HonorLanding template and add the name or abbreviation of the region.
  5. This will activate the Insignia Source template.
  6. The Division Abbreviation template will switch the name to the regional abbreviation, if necessary. This will allow the Honor Index template to then find the "DivAbbrev+tiny" image file and display it in the index.