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Investiture Achievement Connection: This Honor is related to the Investiture Achievement requirements for WILDERNESS RANGER Nature Study which require (as one of two options) an insect collection in line with Requirement 1 of this Honor. The Insects - Advanced Honor is a popular choice for the Level 2 or 3 Nature Honor required of WILDERNESS RANGERS but the basic honor is only Skill Level 1 so does not meet the requirement.

1. Do one of the following:

a. Mount a collection of 20 species of insects representing at least six different orders. (no moths or butterflies and no carelessly mounted or broken specimens will be acceptable.)

(1) Place under each specimen a label showing the locality where caught, the date caught, and the collector's name. Labels should not be larger than 1/4 x 3/4 inches (6 mm x 20 mm).

(2) Identify insects with common names and genus or species level on second labels to be mounted below the first.

(3) Arrange all specimens neatly in an insect box according to orders and families. Orders should be pinned to the box rather than attached to the individual insect pins.