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My real name is Jim Thomas. Among many other things, I am an Area Coordinator in the Northern New England Conference. My involvement with Pathfinders has inspired me to organize the Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book at Wikibooks back in October 2005. The project grew until 2011 when I was inspired to ask the NAD to adopt the project so that we could expand it to include an instructor's manual for the new Investiture Achievement curricula (which replaced Advent Youth - or AY - that same year).

The IA and AY curricula are more religiously overt than the Honors are, so it was not possible to host an IA Instructor's Manual at Wikibooks. Wikibooks has a Neutral Point of View (NPOV) policy that would prohibit the inclusion of overtly religious material. The NAD embraced the concept, the material was imported here.

An additional advantage of hosting with the NAD is that we can now include images of the Honor insignia. The NAD allows the use of this copyrighted material in conjunction with youth ministries only. That meant the images could not be hosted by Wikimedia (the organization that runs Wikibooks and Wikipedia). They require that any images they host be licensed such that they can be used for any purpose including commercial. By hosting these resources here, we are not bound by those policies (though I do agree that their policies are a very good idea in general).

With the exception of church-related insignia and graphics, we are still bound by the licensing adopted by Wikimedia. All of the material here except for said images is licensed under the Creative-Commons CC-BY-SA license. That is what allowed us to create these resources in the first place. Other people around the globe contributed material to Wikipedia, which we were able to include and modify for use here, provided that the modified work also be licensed under CC-BY-SA. This is a Very Good Thing, and it means that you are allowed to reproduce, modify, adapt, or even bind and sell any of the text you find here. CC-BY-SA is designed to protect the user of the material, not the producer.

Why Jomegat?

Jomegat would be more properly rendered J Omega T, or jωt. My middle initial is W, and the Greek letter omega looks a lot like a w, so jωt (which appears in a lot of equations found in electrical engineering) looks deceptively similar to my initials. In fact I was working with some of these equations once when my wife asked me what I was doing. When I told her I was working on a math problem, she said "That's not math. First of all, there aren't any numbers on that page, and second, you've written your initials all over it."

I hadn't noticed the similarity until that moment. And there were no numbers on the page

More About Jomegat

I am also an electrical engineer, father of three, and husband of one. I advocate the use of Open Source Software (I switched from DOS to Linux in 1995, before Windows 95 was released), and I love woodworking, whitewater paddling, hiking, camping, and identifying wild plants.


These honors need to be revised.

These are the honors I have earned. They are listed according to the year I earned them (most recent first) and then alphabetically.

Cold Weather Survival.png Engineering Honor.png Gods Messenger.png Hiking Honor.png Paper Quilling Honor.png Pizza Maker.png Renewable Energy Honor.png Hot Air Ballooning.png Christian Drama.png Digital photography.png Food Canning Honor.png Gold Prospecting Honor.png Maple Sugar Advanced.png Teaching Honor.png Basic Water Safety Honor.png Feeding Ministries.png Stars Advanced.png Cats Honor.png Painting Honor.png Drilling and Marching Advanced.png Fire Safety.png Geocaching Advanced.png Glass Etching.png Peacemaker Honor.png Braiding.png Bread-Dough.png Food Freezing Honor.png Geocaching Honor.png Knitting Honor.png Origami Honor.png Pinewood Derby Honor.png Amphibians Advanced.png Animal Tracking Honor.png Basketball Honor.png Bats Honor.png Bible Evangelism Honor.png Communications Honor.png Cultural Food Preparation Honor.png Fungi Honor.png Insects Honor.png Insects Advanced.png Kites Honor.png Leathercraft.png Personal Evangelism Honor.png Wattles Honor.png Cake-Decorating.png Cultural Diversity Honor.png Dog Care and Training.png Heart and Circulation Honor.png Native American Lore.png Internet Advanced.png Maple Sugar Honor.png Stewardship Honor.png Tie-Dye Honor.png Weather Honor.png Amphibians Honor.png Baking Honor.png Blood Defenses.png Cacti Honor.png Candle-Making.png Canoeing Honor.png Child Care.png Digestion Honor.png Flowers Honor.png Flowers Advanced.png Food Drying Honor.png Housekeeping Honor.png Internet Honor.png Metal Craft.png Microscopic Life Honor.png Optics Honor.png Physical Fitness Honor.png Plumbing Honor.png Seeds Honor.png Seeds Advanced.png Shrubs Honor.png Small Engine Repair Honor.png Small Fruit Growing Honor.png Trees Honor.png Trees Advanced.png Backpacking Honor.png Bible Marking.png Bones Muscles and Movement Honor.png Bookbinding Honor.png Brain and Behavior Honor.png Cetaceans Honor.png Chemistry Honor.png Dogs Honor.png Edible Wild Plants Honor.png Endangered Species.png Health and Healing Honor.png Kayaking Honor.png Mammals Honor.png Marine Invertebrates Honor.png Nutrition Honor.png Nutrition Advanced.png Outdoor Leadership Honor.png Photography Honor.png Physics Honor.png Pioneering Honor.png Quilting Honor.png Red Alert Honor.png Soapcraft Honor.png Intermediate Swimming Honor.png Wilderness Living Honor.png Winter Camping Honor.png Archery Honor.png Automobile Mechanics Honor.png Basic Sewing.png Christian Storytelling.png CPR Honor.png Electricity Honor.png Fire Building.png Lettering and Poster Making.png Model Rocketry Honor.png Orienteering Honor.png Swimming Beginners Honor.png Swimming Beginners Advanced.png Camping Skills IV.png Christian Citizenship.png First Aid Basic Honor.png First Aid Standard Honor.png Geology Honor.png Laundering Honor.png Sanctuary Honor.png Silk Screening Honor.png Stars Honor.png Basic Rescue.png Camping Skills III.png Christian Grooming and Manners Honor.png Family Life Honor.png Camping Skills II.png Knot Tying Honor.png Camp Craft.png Camping Skills I.png Computer Honor.png Computers Advanced.png Radio Electronics Honor.png Woodworking Honor.png