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1. List the components of soil. Why is soil important to plants?

2. Explain the difference between clay, sand, and loam soils. List three crops that grow well in each.

3. Test the germination of three varieties of seeds, 100 seeds in each variety. Record germination percentage after three, four, and five days.

4. Explain how plants obtain nutrients and convert them into food. Explain the differences between primary, secondary, and micronutrients.

5. Name and identify ten common weeds of your community and tell how to best eliminate them, using cultural or chemical methods.

6. Identify six common insect pests or diseases. Tell what plants they usually affect and how to eliminate or prevent their occurrence.

7. Locate two sources of agricultural weather information. How is this information helpful to the farmer?

8. Assist in planting, cultivating, and harvesting at least four different crops. Maintain a log of work done and problems encountered from seeding to harvest.

9. Know the purpose of the following:

a. Plowing

b. Disking

c. Cultivating

d. Irrigation

e. Harvesting

10. Name and identify ten common birds of your locality, and state their value to the farmer.

11. What is erosion? How can it be prevented?

12. Visit your local cooperative extension service and find out how the organization helps the farmer. Write a one-page report of your visit.