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Airplane Modeling

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Airplane Modeling
Arts, Crafts and Hobbies
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General Conference
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1. Build and successfully fly an airplane from a kit made of balsa wood and tissue paper, and rubber band or gas powered.

2. Build a balsa wood glider from a kit and observe its flying characteristics as related to variable positions of the wings.

3. Make and successfully fly two different styles of paper airplanes using sheets of paper between eight (20.3 cm) and fourteen (35.6 cm) inches in width and length.

4. Define, locate, and explain the usage of the following basic items:

a. Fuselage

b. Wing

c. Aileron

d. Rudder

e. Horizontal stabilizer

f. Strut

g. Cockpit

h. Engine

i. Landing gear

j. Propeller

k. Dihedral

l. Elevator

m. Thrust

n. Vertical stabilizer

o. V-Tail