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Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence
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1. What is artificial intelligence?

2. On your own or with a group, develop a chart board that outlines a brief history of artificial intelligence. Prepare and give an oral presentation on your activity.

3. What is the ultimate goal of artificial intelligence research?

4. What is an android?

5. With regard to the field of artificial intelligence, be able to define the following terms.

a. General Intelligence

b. Social Intelligence

c. Creativity

d. Learning

e. Motion

f. Planning

g. Perception

h. Heuristic

i. Pattern Recognition

j. Neural Network

k. Natural Language Processing

l. Knowledge Engineering

6. Give three real world examples of how artificial intelligence is used to help society.

7. What are some of the limitations to artificial intelligence? Be able to explain at least three.

8. What are some basic human abilities that artificial intelligence can not exhibit?

9. Give a basic definition of an expert system.

10. What are some of the advantages of an expert system?

11. Give a real world example of how an expert system is used in society.

12. On your own or with a group, discuss the importance of artificial intelligence and the role it plays in society. Prepare and give an oral presentation on your findings.

13. Based on your observations from the previous question, visit a location that has applied the use of artificial intelligence. Prepare and give an oral presentation on your activity.

14. Discuss with a group several biblical passages that talk about human intelligence. Compare and contrast modern artificial intelligence with the intelligence God gave his created beings. Some texts include: Genesis 1:26, 27; Psalm 139; and Psalm 8:3-6.