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1. Discuss with your instructor the meaning of the motto: "Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints."

2. Know the essentials of proper clothing, shoes, and rain gear to use in backpacking.

3. Know the principles in selecting a good quality backpack. In an emergency, what might be used in place of a backpack?

4. Know the essential items to be taken on a backpack trip.

5. What kind of sleeping bag and pad are best for your camping area? Know at least three kinds of each that are available.

6. Know how to pack a pack properly.

7. What types of food are best for backpacking? Visit a grocery store and list the foods found there that are suitable for backpacking. With your instructor:

a. Prepare a menu for a weekend backpack trip using foods obtained from a grocery store.

b. Learn the techniques of measuring, packaging, and labeling backpack foods for your trip.

c. Make a trail snack.

8. Know the prevention and symptoms of, and the first aid for:

a. Sunburn

b. Blisters

c. Frostbite

d. Hypothermia

e. Heat stroke

f. Heat exhaustion

g. Snake bite

h. Cramps

i. Dehydration

9. Have a first aid kit in your pack and know how to use it.

10. According to your weight, what is the maximum number of pounds you should be allowed to carry?

11. Know three ways to find direction without a compass. Demonstrate at least two.

12. Show the proper way to put on and take off a backpack alone and with a partner.

13. Participate in a weekend backpack trip of at least five miles (8 km) to a site not accessible by a vehicle and cook your own meals.