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1. Know a brief history of keeping bees for honey.

2. List at least five uses of each of the following:

a. Honey

b. Beeswax

c. Propolis

3. Name ten foods that would be very difficult to grow if there were no honey bees.

4. List the duties of the drone, the worker, and the queen bees.

5. Describe how bees build combs. Why does the comb turn dark with age?

6. What is meant by the following terms:

a. Movable-frame hive

b. Crossed comb

c. Bee space

d. Swarming

7. What is a smoker? What materials make good fuel for a smoker?

8. What consideration should be given when choosing a hive location?

9. How are honey bee diseases spread from hive to hive?

10. What is robbing? Describe a robber bee.

11. Name four ways to help prevent swarming. Why should swarming be prevented?

12. What three requirements must be met for the colony to successfully weather a winter?

13. What is the advantage of using a double-brood chamber system?

14. Carry out the following duties of successful beekeeping:

a. Spring feed to stimulate brood production

b. Supering and other swarm prevention techniques

c. Extract honey and put into jars

d. Fall feeding and "taking the hive down" to prepare it for the winter months

15. How do you know when a frame is ready to be removed from the hive for extraction?