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Cake Decorating

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Cake Decorating
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1. List equipment necessary for cake decorating.

2. Learn from memory the two cake icings-butter cream and royal-and their proper uses. Name one other icing used for frosting.

3. Learn and demonstrate proper construction of the decorating tube using parchment, wax papers, or a disposable bag. Show proper method of inserting tip, brushing with color, filling with icing, and folding of top. What is the name of the top fold?

4. Name three essential steps to good cake decorating.

5. Demonstrate pressure control with tubes. Learn the technique and name the proper tip (tube) used to make the following:

a. Star, fill-in and border

b. Rosette

c. Shell border

d. "S" design

e. Ribbon

f. Zigzag border

g. Leaves

6. Name four color techniques. Demonstrate two, including two-color icing.

7. Learn to make the following flowers:

a. Sweet pea

b. Rosebud

c. Full American beauty rose

d. Drop flower

8. Demonstrate writing technique using two different tips and methods.

9. Decorate a doll cake or a cake prepared in a specialty cake pan using star fill-in method. Use at least two colors to make the design or pattern.

10. Make a special occasion cake of your choice using two or more borders of different types, and a floral arrangement.

11. Make a heart cake using borders, florets, string work, and writing.