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Camping Skills II

Skill Level






Approval authority

General Conference

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Camping Skills II
Skill Level
Approval authority
General Conference
Year of Introduction

1. Be at least in the 6th grade.

2. Develop a personal philosophy of outdoor etiquette, such as courtesy to other campers and outdoor conservation.

3. Know and understand the following six W's for the selection of a good campsite: Wind, Water, Weather, Wild things, Wood, Willingness.

4. Demonstrate your ability to protect the wilderness and your water source by proper personal hygiene and cooking sanitation.

5. Participate in a weekend campout.

6. Take part in a camp worship service to include one of the following:

a. Leading song service

b. Sabbath School lesson study

c. Story

d. Worship thought

7. Know how to safely light and use a camp stove and lantern.

8. Know safety rules and demonstrate your ability to properly cut firewood. Demonstrate how to break dead wood properly.

9. Using fuzz sticks or shaved sticks, build and know the use of a council or criss cross fire and one type of cooking fire. Review firebuilding safety rules.

10. Explain two ways to keep camp food cool.

11. Build two different camp cranes.

12. Prepare camp meals using boiling, frying, and baking.

13. Demonstrate tent site selection. Properly pitch and strike a tent. What precautions should be taken when striking a wet tent? Properly clean, dry, and store a tent.

14. Bedding:

a. Show proper ways to stuff or roll your sleeping bag or bed roll for travel.

b. Tell how to keep a sleeping bag or bed roll dry on a camping trip.

c. Describe how to properly clean your sleeping bag or bed roll.

Note: The tent color for Camping Skills #2 patch is red.