AY Honor Camping Skills III Requirements

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Camping Skills III

Skill Level






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General Conference

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Camping Skills III
Skill Level
Approval authority
General Conference
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1. Be at least in the 7th grade.

2. Review six points in the selection of a good campsite (Wind, Water, Weather, Wild things, Wood, Willingness). Review the safety rules of firebuilding.

3. Go on a weekend campout.

4. Lay the following three fires and tell their uses:

a. Hunter's fire

b. Reflector fire

c. Star fire

5. Know six ways to start a fire without a match. Build a campfire using one of these:

a. Compressed air

b. Curved glass

c. Flint

d. Friction

e. Metal match

f. Spark

6. Know how to properly sharpen a hatchet and knife.

7. Cook a one-pot meal using fresh or dried food.

8. Describe the various types of tents and their uses.

9. How does condensation occur in tents, and how can it be prevented?

10. Demonstrate your ability to anchor a tent down, using the taut-line hitch and two half hitches.

11. While camping, plan and give a ten-minute devotional or organize and lead a nature or Bible game or lead out in Sabbath School, camp church, or camp vespers.

12. Properly locate and build one of the following and describe its importance to the individual and the environment:

a. Camp sink and dishwashing area

b. Latrine

c. Shower

13. Demonstrate four basic lashings and construct a simple object using these lashings.

14. Know how to replace the mantels on a camp lantern. Demonstrate how to refill gas in a camp lantern and stove. Know how to maintain the pressure pump on a camp stove in good working order.

Note: The tent color for Camping Skills #3 is green.