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1. Have the Intermediate level of the Swimming honor.

2. Demonstrate, first alone and then with a companion, the proper method of:

a. Entering and launching a canoe

i. From a beach

ii. From a landing dock or pier.

b. Landing and leaving a canoe

i. On a beach

ii. On a landing dock or pier.

3. Accompanied by examining counselor, demonstrate correctly the following strokes:

a. Bow

b. Diagonal draw

c. Half sweep

d. J-stroke

e. Reverse half sweep

f. Push over

g. Full sweep

h. Combination draw and J-stroke

4. Alone and with a companion in both the bow and stern, paddle a canoe in a straight course for 100 yards (91.4 meters). Turn right about and left about. The paddle should be kept always on the same side of the canoe. Demonstrate two kneeling positions for paddling.

5. Demonstrate with a canoe the rescue of a companion who has capsized his canoe offshore by:

a. Emptying the swamped canoe of water by drawing it upside down across the gunwales of the rescue canoe.

b. Launch the rescued canoe again.

c. Steady canoe while companion climbs aboard.

6. Jump out of a canoe in deep water and get back in again in the proper form without shipping water. (Candidate must be accompanied by lifeguard in an equipped lifeboat.)

7. With clothes on:

a. Capsize a canoe in deep water.

b. Right canoe and stow paddles and kneeling pad.

c. Get in canoe filled with water and paddle with hands or paddle for 25 yards (22.9 meters).

d. Disrobe, stow clothes and paddle, go overboard, hold on to bow of canoe with one hand, swim and tow swamped canoe to shore.

e. Empty canoe properly and land it (candidate must be accompanied by a lifeguard in an equipped lifeboat).

8. Fully satisfy the examiner of a thorough knowledge of safety rules which will make the candidate a safe canoeist and competent to take others out in a canoe. Promise to observe these rules at all times.

9. Explain how to do the following emergency repair work:

a. Repairing a one-inch hole in fiberglass, canvas, and aluminum canoe.

b. Repairing a broken paddle shaft.