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Card Making

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Card Making
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1. How are the following supplies used in card making?

a. Card stock

b. Felt pens

c. Scissors (regular and decorative)

d. Embellishments

e. Rubber stamps

f. Water color, colored pencils & crayons

g. Ink pads

h. Punches

2. Describe how at least three of the following kinds of paper are used in card making:

a. Glossy card stock

b. Corrugated paper

c. Mulberry paper

d. Vellum

e. Scrapbook paper

f. Gift wrap

3. Name four different types of ink pads and describe how they are used. Demonstrate proficiency in using at least two of them in a practice project.

4. Describe four methods of coloring in a stamped image and demonstrate at least two of them.

5. What is meant by the term monochromatic?

6. What is sponging, and how do you use it in card making?

7. What is dry embossing and what tools do you need for this technique?

8. Demonstrate proper care and cleaning of rubber stamps and storing of ink pads.

9. Describe and demonstrate how to use at least two of the following in a practice project.

a. Foam dots (also squares, hexagons, etc.)

b. Foam tape

c. Double sided tape or squares

d. Tape/glue runners

e. Zots/clear glue dots

f. Washi tape

10. List at least five reasons for making cards.

11. Make cards to fulfill three of the reasons discovered in Requirement 10. During your card creation, demonstrate at least three of the following techniques:

a. Monochromatic style

b. Sponging

c. Two types of coloring in a stamped image

d. A card using at least two types of paper

e. A card using embellishments, foam tape/dots, or other supplies mentioned in requirement 9.

f. A card using a method of your choice

12. Do the following:

a. Display your cards at a Pathfinder, AY, youth group, or similar event.

b. Give at least one of your cards to someone else as part of a missions, share your faith, or similar outreach/caring event

13. Read the following passages (preferably with a group/unit) and discuss the similarities / differences between these letter greetings and modern day greeting cards:

a. 1 Corinthians 15:58

b. Ephesians 6:21

c. Philippians 4:1

d. James 1:16, 19

e. Philemon 1:1