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Christian Grooming & Manners

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Christian Grooming & Manners
Spiritual Growth, Outreach and Heritage
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North American Division
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1. What well-balanced combination of strengths did Jesus develop as a growing youth?

2. According to Psalm 8 what estimate does God place on your personal worth?

3. Are names important to God? Does He know your name? (Isaiah 43:1, Exodus 33:17, Isaiah 45:4)

4. Demonstrate or discuss proper conversational skills, including:

a. The proper way to talk to older people in public

b. How to address people and make proper introductions

c. Questions to avoid

d. How to think of pleasant things to say

e. How to show concern for the feelings of others

f. What to say when you answer the door

g. How to answer the telephone correctly

5. If you want to use your gift of speech to God's glory, what should your prayer be? (Psalm 19:14)

6. List seven points showing the power of correct posture. Check your posture and body profile. Demonstrate how to stand and sit correctly. Read Education, by Ellen G. White, page 198, paragraph 3, and note the benefits mentioned that come to you as a result of correct posture.

7. Give two reasons why physical fitness is important. Explain the relationship between proper diet, exercise, and weight control.

8. Tell the importance of proper grooming, including bathing, body hygiene, breath, proper care of clothes, shoes, etc.

9. Describe the proper way to wash your hair and care for your "hair tools."

10. Describe the proper care for your hands and fingernails.

11. Know the importance of daily "soul-grooming" and of building a Christian character and why "belonging to Christ" makes a difference in the way you dress and act.

12. Discuss scriptural guidelines that will help you cope with your sexuality and keep your thoughts-life clean. Discuss intelligently the "dos and don'ts" of dating.

13. List four reasons why your face is important to you, and show how the way you exercise and sleep can improve your facial appearance. What relationship do thoughts have to facial "print-out"? Describe proper facial care.

14. Know the rules of table etiquette which make it easier for you and those around you, such as what to do with your knife and fork after using them. Know how to be a welcome dinner guest and a joy to your hosts.

15. List ten principles to help you overcome self-consciousness and social embarrassment.

16. For Young Ladies

a. Demonstrate two exercises that will improve your posture.

i. Lying on your back

ii. Sitting on a chair

b. Know how to choose a hairstyle that makes you look your best.

c. Tell the proper style of clothes to wear if you are tall, plump, short, or thin or have a heavy hip line or full bosom.

d. Demonstrate the correct way to put on a coat or outer wrap.

17. For Young Men

a. Tell how to have well-groomed hair and how to choose a hairstyle that makes you look your best.

b. List clothing rules and the proper style of clothes to wear if you are tall and thin, or short and chubby.

c. Tell why Christians should practice good manners. Demonstrate how to seat a girl or woman at a table and how to properly escort her from home to a social function.