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Christian Grooming & Manners

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North American Division

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Christian Grooming & Manners
Spiritual Growth, Outreach and Heritage
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North American Division
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1. What well-balanced combination of strengths did Jesus develop as a growing youth?

2. According to Psalm 8, what estimate does God place on your personal worth?

3. Discuss the importance of proper grooming, including bathing, body hygiene, breath, proper care of clothes, shoes, etc. Illustrate what was discussed by creating a promotional poster, a short video, media presentation or other creative method.

4. Describe the way to care for your hair and for your hair tools.

5. Describe and demonstrate the proper washing and caring for your hands. Describe how to properly care for your fingernails.

6. Describe proper facial care.

7. Demonstrate three facial expressions to a partner, and have your partner interpret what the expression might mean. Then repeat the exercise with the roles reversed. Discuss how facial expression can communicate respect and attentiveness, or the lack thereof.

8. List seven points showing the power of correct posture. Check your posture and body profile. Demonstrate how to stand and sit correctly. Read Education, by Ellen G. White, page 198, paragraph 3, and note the benefits mentioned that come to you as a result of correct posture.

9. Give two reasons why physical fitness is important. Explain the relationship between proper diet, exercise, and weight control.

10. Find scriptural passages that show that names are important to God, and that He knows your name. Explain how using people’s names relates to good manners.

11. For each of the listed situations, discuss and then role play proper conversational skills within your culture and within a multicultural setting. For each situation, demonstrate how you would interact with someone younger than you, within your peer group, and with someone older than you.

a. Addressing a person (taking into account title, profession, and familiarity).

b. Making a proper introduction.

c. Topics that are appropriate and inappropriate.

d. Ways to put people at ease.

e. Show concern for the feelings of others.

f. Greet a person who arrives at your home.

g. Approach a person’s home and greet them.

h. Appropriate phone etiquette including answering, volume of your voice, and ending the call.

12. If you want to use your gift of speech to God's glory, what should your prayer be? (Psalms 19:14)

13. Demonstrate the rules of table etiquette which make it easier for you and those around you in a formal and informal setting. Know how to be a welcome and joyful dinner guest.

14. Role-play a Christian way to respond to embarrassment, both as the person who has become embarrassed, and as someone who has witnessed the embarrassment.

15. Discuss how Adventist Fundamental Belief number 22 about Christian behavior affects your choice of attire.

16. Discuss the relevance of Luke 14:10 with regard to group interactions and humility, and how this helps us to be more like Jesus.