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Christian Team Building

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North American Division

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Christian Team Building
Spiritual Growth, Outreach and Heritage
Skill Level
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North American Division
Year of Introduction

1. Define effective team building. Discuss challenges and methods this addresses.

2. Discuss how effective team building can be used to spread the gospel of Christ. Give biblical examples of ways to further God’s work.

3. Briefly describe each of the following team building methods and their relevance to a Christian’s approach to team building:

a. Appreciate the uniqueness of individuals

b. Empowering team members

c. Internal struggle expectations

d. Encourage communication

e. Establish team values and goals

f. Encourage the sharing of information

4. Discuss the following symptoms that may indicate a need for team building activities.

a. Lack of participation

b. Disregard of guidelines and instructions

c. Lack of respect towards leader(s)

d. Conflict among club members

e. Failure to accomplish goals

f. Lack of trust between members

g. Behaviors exhibiting “me first”

5. Discuss with a group the biblical context of four of the following texts as they relate to Christian team building:

a. Genesis 1:1-2

b. Genesis 1:26

c. Exodus 18:13-27

d. Mark 3:14

e. Luke 6:12-13

f. 1 Corinthians 12

g. Colossians 1:15-17

h. A text of your choosing

6. Read Judges 7 and discuss the lessons Gideon learned from the Lord on team building. With a group, contrast and compare key qualities that the Lord searched for and used to build and empower His army.

7. Find three examples of Jesus mentoring His disciples that helped them become a cohesive team.

8. Have your pastor or church leader visit your group to discuss methods they have used in the church to develop teams of leaders.

9. Read a current book from a recognized team building expert on how to effectively build and develop teams.

10. Select and participate in six team building activities that encourage working together to solve problems, promote confidence in your teammates, and validate God’s will for us to work together.

11. Plan two Pathfinder-related activities that are intended to build teams. Actively participate in conducting these two events. Debrief the participants on what they experienced and analyze if your intended team building goals were met.

a. Answer the following questions prior to beginning the event:

i. How do you think this activity could improve your group?

ii. What does each person bring to the experience that will help grow the team?

iii. What are the possible downsides of this event?

b. Answer the following questions after completing each event:

i. What did you learn that was valuable from your experience with your selected activity?

ii. Give specific examples of team building during your experience and share them with the group.

iii. What spirit did your team experience during the activity and how did it affect your club afterwards?

12. Give two examples of how you use team building outside of Pathfinders.

13. With a group, organize and lead out in a social event designed to develop a sense of team building with your church.