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Computers - Advanced

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Computers - Advanced
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General Conference
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The Challenging Part

The most challenging requirement of this honor is probably this:

5. Complete four of the following activities, providing print or digital evidence of completion to your instructor.

a. Create a letter using a word processing program. Use a merge file to allow the same letter to be sent to five different people, with personalization in each letter (such as name field & address field). Use the letter for a project such as:
i. Requesting finances for a mission trip or service activity.
ii. Communicating a non-perishable holiday food drive to your community.
iii. Describing activities in your Pathfinder club that would be of interest to your local newspaper.
iv. Inviting friends and family to a Pathfinder Sabbath or other youth ministry event.

b. Create a database that includes at least 15 records of people that includes at least three other fields (such as addresses, honors earned, phone numbers). Use the database to provide forms that extract their information from the database. Use this information for providing a report such as:
i. Tracking which honors have been earned by your club during the current year.
ii. Determining the attendance and/or points structure of each pathfinder in your club.
iii. Tracking which class level requirements have been completed by each individual in your club or group.
iv. Tracking the contacts involved in a year-long service initiative.

c. Create a spreadsheet. Use this spreadsheet to do something such as:
i. Tracking dues and/or donations to your Pathfinder club
ii. Tracking income and expenses for a campout, mission trip, or other group event
iii. Tracking unit completion of class level requirements

d. Create a two-page newsletter using a publications program. Use multiple columns, in-line graphics, two fonts, appropriate font sizes, and appropriate title and footer information. Use this newsletter for publishing one newsletter such as:
i. Pathfinder newsletter
ii. Church newsletter
iii. Report from a recent mission trip or service activity
iv. School publication

e. Use a presentation program to create a presentation file containing at least six slides (with text and photos), and demonstrate its function in a full screen presentation. Use templates, design elements, colors, and transitions as appropriate in your presentation. Use the presentation in presenting a subject as:
i. AY Honor
ii. Class level concept
iii. Sermon
iv. Fundraising

f. Using a media burning software program, burn at least fifteen folders and/or files onto burnable media. Verify the media data integrity after the burn is complete.

g. Using a graphic creation program modify original digital photographs in the following ways:
i. Frame or blur the edges of a photograph
ii. Turn a color photo into a sepia-tone or black-and-white photo
iii. Save a photograph as a different file type than the original
iv. Combine elements from two photos to create a third photograph
v. Add colored text to a digital photo showing multiple font enhancements such as drop shadow, bevel, emboss, and stroke
vi. Resize a photo so that the finished photo is no larger than 800 pixels wide and no more than 20% of the disk size of the original digital file