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Conflict Resolution

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General Conference

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Conflict Resolution
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General Conference
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1. Explain how Christ encouraged people in conflict in the following Bible stories. Identify the nature of the conflict or human needs in each story that you explain.

a. John 8:1-11 (Mary Magdalene)

b. Matthew 18:1-6 (Disciples – Greatest in Kingdom in Heaven)

c. 1 Kings 3:16-28 (Solomon and the Baby)

2. Discuss relationship, identity, racial, and cultural conflicts that teenagers in your community face today. (i.e. Relationship with parents, self esteem, friendships).

3. Describe types of human needs and give a real-life example of each.

4. What is active listening? Practice active listening by role playing conflicts noted in #2.

5. Apply the following method of conflict resolution to an example in #2.

a. Set the scene

b. Gather information

c. Identify the problem

d. Brainstorm solutions

e. Negotiate a solution.

6. Explain how to make a referral to a professional counselor or pastor.

7. Discuss your own motives for wanting to help your friends when they face conflict. What about strangers?