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Crisis Intervention

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North American Division

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Crisis Intervention
Spiritual Growth, Outreach and Heritage
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North American Division
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1. Be at least in the 10th grade.

2. Explain how Christ encouraged people in crisis in at least two of the following Bible stories. Identify the nature of the crisis or human needs in each story that you explain.

a. John 8:1-11 (Mary Magdalene)

b. Luke 15:11-32

c. Luke 8:40-56

d. Matthew 8:1-22

3. Describe for your instructor some of the human needs and crisis situations that teenagers in your community face today. Describe some of the crisis situations that families face. This may be done in a group discussion setting.

4. Discuss your own motives for wanting to help your friends when they face personal or family crisis. What about strangers? This may be done in a group discussion setting.

5. Describe the types of human needs and give a real-life example of each.

6. Explain the steps in crisis intervention process and apply each step to a case study supplied by your instructor.

7. Demonstrate a grasp of basic listening skills by conducting an interview of at least 30 minutes duration. This interview must either be observed by an observer who can recognize listening skills, or taped for review by your instructor. The interview does not have to be with a person who is in crisis, but it must be a real conversation not pretend or role-playing.

8. Explain how to make a referral to a professional counselor or pastor.