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1. Relate briefly the story of barter, showing three reasons why money came into being and naming at least ten strange forms of money used in place of coins or currency.

2. Relate briefly the history of coinage and paper currency in your country, making sure to mention the dates of the establishment of any mints or engraving plants. Also discover some change in the metal composition of a coin, giving any interesting highlights concerning such a change.

3. Explain how money is distributed in your country.

4. Define the following terms:

a. Alloy

b. Altered Date

c. Buffed Coins

d. Cast Coins

e. Clad Coinage

f. Commemorative

g. Die

h. Field

i. Inscription

j. Lettered Edge

k. Mint Mark

l. Obverse

m. Planchet

n. Proof

o. Reeded Edge

p. Reverse

q. Series

r. Type

s. Whizzed Coins

t. Wire Edge

5. Describe the obverse and reverse for paper money of the six lowest denominations currently in use in your country.

6. Know how coins are graded in quality by collectors.

7. Collect and mount a type set of coins from your country of any date currently being minted or in circulation. Proof, commemorative, rare, silver, or expensive coins are not needed.

a. In your collection: Possess at least one coin from each mint in the type set.

b. In your collection: Locate and identify the mint mark (if any) on each coin.

c. In your collection: Locate and identify the initials (if any) of each coin's designer(s).

8. Do two of the following:

a. Make enlarged drawings of both sides of ten different denominations or forms of coins for your country no longer in circulation.

b. Collect, identify, and mount 25 different foreign coins. No two coins alike.

c. Collect and mount a type set of coins from your country minted during the 20th Century.

d. Collect and mount a date set of series of coins for your country beginning with your birth year. (Commemorative, gold, proof, expensive, or rare coins need not be included.)