AY Honor Drilling & Marching Requirements

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Drilling & Marching

Skill Level






Approval authority

General Conference

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Drilling & Marching
Skill Level
Approval authority
General Conference
Year of Introduction
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1. Explain five or more objectives of drilling.

2. Define the following:

a. Formation

b. Line

c. Rank

d. Interval

e. Column

f. File

g. Distance

h. Cover

i. Flank

j. Cadence

3. Explain the actions in each of the following groups:

a. At Ease, Stand At Ease, and Parade Rest

b. Mark Time, Quick Time, and Double Time

c. Hand Salute and Present Arms

d. Right (Left) Flank and Column Right (Left)

4. Properly execute the following basic movements:

a. Attention

b. Parade Rest

c. Stand At Ease

d. At Ease

e. Dress Right Dress

f. Prayer Attention

g. Present Arms

h. Order Arms

i. Right Face

j. Left Face

k. About Face

l. Fall Out

5. Properly execute the following movements:

a. Mark Time

b. Forward March

c. Right Flank

d. Left Flank

e. Column Right (with columns of three or four persons)

f. Column Left (with columns of three or four persons)

g. Rear March

h. Halt

6. Explain and demonstrate how to use, display, fold, and care for the national flag.