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Environmental Conservation

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Environmental Conservation
Skill Level
Approval authority
General Conference
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1. What is the difference between ecology and environmental conservation?

2. Write a 500 word essay on how the increase in human population is threatening our existence on earth.

3. What does the term “death” of a lake or river mean? Is there a lake or river in your area or country which is classified as “dead”?

4. Carry out a stream investigation of a small stream flowing through or near your home town. Check for the following:

a. Signs of Purity

b. Signs of Stream Deterioration and Death

5. If your stream is showing some of the above signs of death, do something about cleaning it up. Contact the closest government agency to ask what you and/or your group can do to help improve the stream. Organize a group of young people to help in cleaning the trash along your stream. If possible, get businesses to help in your campaign.

6. Make a visit to the city or county trash dump to see how this waste is handled. Find out the following:

a. How many tons of trash are dumped daily? Yearly?
b. What attempts are made to recycle any of this trash?
c. Is any of the trash burned or is all of it buried?
d. What is the cost per person per year for handling the trash?
e. What happens to junked autos in your area?

7. Make a visit to the nearest sewage plant. Draw and label a detailed diagram of what happens to the liquid and solid wastes from the time they come into the plant until they leave. In what form do they leave? Is any further use made of this waste?

8. Visit the nearest water purification plant. Construct a flow diagram of the steps in water purification from the time the water enters the plant until it leaves for distribution to homes and stores. Through reading and discussion with water works officials, determine whether water resources in the future are going to be enough to meet the demand.

9. Read and write a book report on an environment issues book such as Rachel Carson's Silent Spring.

10. What are rare and endangered species? Determine what efforts are being put forth to protect such species in your area. What can you do to help? Write a 300-500 word paper on your ideas.