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Family Life

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North American Division

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Family Life
Spiritual Growth, Outreach and Heritage
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North American Division
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1. Describe the attitudes that the members of the family should have toward one another as described in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.

a. Bible: Read Ephesians 5:21-6:4; Colossians 3:18-21; 1 Peter 3:1-7. What do these verses tell us the attitude each member of the family should have toward the others?
• Husband and Wife
• Husband
• Wife
• Parents
• Children

b. Spirit of Prophecy: Read Adventist Home, Chapter 17. List 5 ideas or principles regarding family life that you learned from this chapter.

2. Discuss some of the things that make you feel good about your family. Include the things you are proud of and your family's good qualities and accomplishments.

3. Do a chore in your home for one week. Log your accomplishments.

4. Care for the younger members of your family or a neighbor's family for at least a couple of hours. Share what you learned from this experience.

5. Make a list of some of the things your family spends money on. Explain your responsibility towards the finances of your family.

6. Make a list of family activities that you think your family would enjoy.

7. How would you make a family worship meaningful for preschoolers, juniors, and/or teens? Plan and conduct a family worship for one of these age groups. Share in a few words the worship activity you conducted.

8. Make a list of the family traditions that have come down from either your father’s side or your mother’s side of the family and which you practice in your own home. Make a separate list of traditions that are unique to your family.

9. Make a list of several of the recreational activities your family currently participates in, including some that are appropriate for the Sabbath. Evaluate what improvements, if any, can be made.

10. List five ways you can show concern for or interest in your neighbors.

11. Write a prayer for your family. Be sure to include each family member. Share the prayer with your family at an appropriate time.