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Food - Freezing

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Food - Freezing
Household Arts
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General Conference
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1. Define the following terms:

a. Blanching

b. Quick freeze

c. Freezer burn

2. What kinds of containers can be used for freezing foods?

3. What are the essential things to be considered when selecting vegetables or fruits for freezing?

4. How do you thaw frozen vegetables for the table? How do you thaw frozen fruits for the table?

5. Freeze two vegetables (corn and another of your choice), then prepare and serve for sampling.

6. Quick freeze a vegetable for easy pouring.

7. Why is salt not put in vegetables to be frozen?

8. Freeze some peaches in light syrup and also some in orange or pineapple juice. What is the reason for using ascorbic acid in the syrup and not in the fruit juice? Why is ascorbic acid used in freezing peaches?

9. Freeze one type of berry without added sweeteners.

10. Make one kind of freezer jam.