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North American Division
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1. Define Geocaching.

2. Identify the technological tools necessary for geocaching.

3. Define or identify the following geocaching terms:

a. Container

b. Log book

c. Cache Owner (CO)

d. Coordinates

e. Muggle

f. Smilie/Find

g. Caching Name/geonic/username (Login)

h. Travel Bug/Travel Coin

4. Define and give examples of the different sizes of caches.

a. Extra Small/Micro/Nano

b. Small

c. Medium/regular

d. Large

e. Other

5. Define and identify on a caching map the following types of geocaches:

a. Traditional

b. Multi-cache

c. Mystery

d. Virtual

e. Earthcache

f. Letterbox OR Whereigo

6. What items may be left in a geocache? Which items may not?

7. What is meant by Cache In, Trash Out (CITO)?

8. Demonstrate two ways of finding the location of a geocache in your area on a caching website or caching app.

9. Use the following features (or their equivalent) on a GPS receiver and website or caching app:

a. Find by GC Code

b. Find by location

c. Filter locations (choose just those with a Difficulty rating of 3 or lower and Terrain of 3 or lower, for example)

d. Compass

e. Map Directions

f. Description

g. Previous logs

h. Hint

10. Find three geocaches in your area, at least one of which must be a regular (traditional) cache.

11. Read and discuss Matthew 6:19-21 and Jeremiah 29:13, and determine their relevance to geocaching.

12. Discuss safety concerns you should consider when geocaching. View the attributes of a nearby cache to identify caching hazards identified by cache owners.