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Gold Prospecting

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Gold Prospecting
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1. Create a list of equipment used for gold panning. Describe each item and tell what it is used for. The list should include at least the following.

a. Gold Pan

b. Classifier

c. Snuffer Bottle

d. Shovel

e. Pick

f. Bucket

g. Trowel

h. Pry bar

i. Rock hammer

j. Crevice tool

k. Drinking water

l. Other possible items

2. Define the following:

a. Pay dirt

b. Quartz

c. Pyrite

d. Blond sands

e. Black sands

f. Placer

g. Lode

h. Nugget

i. Flake

j. Dust

k. specific gravity

l. Wet and Dry panning

m. Mercury (historical use) DO NOT USE TODAY

n. Troy pound

o. Troy ounce

p. Pennyweight (dwt)

q. Grain

r. Gold fever

3. What are the following identifying characteristics of gold.

a. Specific gravity

b. Color of streak

c. Color

4. Where are some good places on a river or stream to look for gold.

5. Make a timeline containing at least 15 items about the history of gold prospecting from 1600 until the present day, including the following rushes: California Gold Rush, Klondike/Yukon Gold Rush, Witwatersrand Gold Rush, and the Victorian Gold Rush.

6. Learn about gold panning by doing one of the following:

a. Do some gold panning. (Preferred)

b. Practice panning using flattened lead or tungsten shot mixed with sand (preferably from a river bank).

7. Look up the following verses in the Bible and discuss them in relation to prospecting for gold.

a. Matthew 13:44-46

b. Matthew 6:19-21