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North American Division
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Note: Instructor required

1. Explain the purpose of the game of golf, and discuss the origins of the modern game of rounds and holes.

2. Explain the scoring system in golf.

a. Par

b. Ace

c. Albatross or Double Eagle

d. Eagle

e. Birdie

f. Bogey, Double Bogey, Triple Bogey

3. Explain the main equipment needed for a game of golf, and the maximum allowable clubs in a bag:

a. Balls: explain the composition of a modern golf ball, and tell why dimples were added to the golf ball

b. Woods: Explain the numbering system and in what situations would you use a wood

c. Irons: Explain the numbering system and why there are so many irons

d. Rescue Clubs: what are they and when would you use them

e. Hybrids: Who are they best suited for and for what purpose

f. Wedges: what are the uses of the special purpose wedges

g. Putter: How and when is it used

h. Tees

i. Bag

j. Shoes, Shirt, Hat/Visor

4. With the use of a diagram, demonstrate your understanding of the golf course by explaining a typical golf course.

a. Tee box

b. Fairway

c. Rough

d. Hazards (water, natural)

e. Bunkers (fairway, greenside, waste)

f. Green

g. Cup (Hole)

h. Flag Stick (Pin)

i. Out of bounds

5. Show your understanding of a proper swing by demonstrating the following:

a. A proper grip when addressing the ball

b. A proper stance when addressing the ball

c. A half swing

d. A full swing

6. Read an article on how to properly swing a golf club and list one “swing thought” that helps you make better contact with the ball and hit it straighter.

7. Do the following:

a. Putt on a green (5-foot putts, 10-foot putts, uphill shots, downhill shots)

b. Hit a medium bucket of balls (50 -75) on a driving range. You must hit at least 25 balls with your irons off the mat or ground and hitting woods off the tee (if woods are part of your equipment).

c. Play at least a 9-hole course and keep the score for each hole.

8. Discuss the Nine Core Values established by The First Tee (a junior golf program) and how these positive values connected with the game of golf are similar to items in the Pathfinder Pledge and Law.

9. Identify the governing body of the game of golf in your country and list the following:

a. The basic rules of golf that govern competition in your country

b. The Professional leagues in your country for both ladies and gentlemen

c. The amateur association that you could join if you so desired

10. List ways that the game of golf can be used as an evangelistic tool.