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Horsemanship - Advanced

Skill Level






Approval authority

North American Division

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Horsemanship - Advanced
Skill Level
Approval authority
North American Division
Year of Introduction
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1. Have the Horsemanship honor.

2. Label on an outline drawing of a horse or point out on a live horse a minimum of 30 different parts of a horse.

3. Demonstrate and explain how to care for tack.

4. Demonstrate and explain how to catch and halter a horse safely.

5. Demonstrate and explain how to tie a horse safely with a manger knot and with a bowline knot using the correct length of rope and tying at the correct height from the ground.

6. Demonstrate and explain how to correctly saddle and bridle a horse and adjust stir­rup length.

7. Demonstrate the correct positions while riding at a trot/jog including circles and reverses:

a. Sitting

b. Standing

c. Posting

8. Safely demonstrate an emergency dismount.

9. Ride on a trail for a total of 7 cumulative hours, following all safety rules and using correct position.

10. Demonstrate and explain how to use a hoof pick.

11. Demonstrate proper method to turn out a horse.

12. Identify a minimum of 8 common horse colors, 5 common face markings, and 5 common leg markings.

13. Demonstrate and explain correct spacing, reversing direction and passing other rid­ers in an arena setting at the walk with at least one other rider, following all safety rules.

14. Negotiate a simple three element trail obstacle course set up on level ground riding at a walk. Choose from the following:

a. Step over log or pole, maximum height of 16 inches (40.6 cm).

b. Pass between 2 barrels or bales of hay spaced 45 inches (1.1 meters) apart.

c. Zigzag between poles set at 12-foot (3.6 meters) intervals.

d. Walk into a large hey-hole, 15-foot (4.6 meters) circle, turn and exit without stepping on or crossing any borderline.

15. Know how to cool down and care for a horse after a demanding ride.