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1. Describe the following in detail concerning lighthouses:

a. What is the function of a lighthouse?

b. When were the first lighthouses of record built?

c. What is the name of the most famous ancient lighthouse?

d. What are people called who study lighthouses? Why?

e. Do all lighthouses have keepers? If not, how are they run?

2. Research the structure and function of Fresnel lenses. Explain what makes these lenses so effective.

3. Throughout history, what fuels were used for lighthouse lights?

4. Are all lighthouses located along ocean shores? If not, list other locations where you would find a lighthouse.

5. What is the lighthouse service called in your country? What organization or branch of government is responsible for maintaining lighthouses in your country?

6. When a lighthouse is a visible landmark seen from the ocean during the day it can be identified by certain markings. What are these called?

7. What is a foghorn? Why would one be used at a lighthouse? What are three things that affect how far away a foghorn can be heard?

8. Since lighthouses are often called "lights", explore the concept of "lights" in scripture by doing the following:

a. Look in the Bible Concordance to find “lights” and discuss lights as referred to in the Bible.

b. Explain why you think God’s word is like a lighthouse.

c. Memorize John 8:12.

9. Write a poem or a story about a lighthouse light. Include thoughts of God’s “light”. Read your story or poem to your group.

10. Draw or photograph five lighthouse forms/types being used today.

11. Do one of the following:

a. List the names and locations of 5 lighthouses in your state/province.
b. Locate on a map the location of 10 lighthouses in your country/division.

12. List the references you used to learn about lighthouses.